• What is Titanium?

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    Discovered in 1791, in Cornwall, by Rev. William Gregor, named after the Greek God Titan - 'Son of the Earth'. Pure titanium metal is man-made from the titanium mineral. It is unaffected by chlorine and seawater. It is as strong as steel but far lighter, highly durable and very resistant to corrosion. It has hypo-allergenic qualities and is friendly to the skin. It is found in meteorites, the Sun, stars, moon, the Earth's crust and even in human bodies. One of titanium's most amazing qualities is its ability to change colour when an electric current is passed through it, a process known as 'anodising'. This creates a clear oxide layer on the surface which diffracts and deflects white lights, absorbing some colours of the spectrum and allowing others to shine through. This is the same effect seen on the wings of a dragonfly or oil on water.

    An example of coloured titanium jewellery:



    Post Date: Friday November 27, 2015