• 18ct White Gold

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    One of the main issues I have to address when speaking to customers and the question I am asked most frequently is “Why is the band of the ring changing colour?”

    White gold is an alloy mix of gold and other metals to make it white. There are different qualities of white gold available and some of these are better colours than others.


    A lot of white gold that is sold is rhodium-plated because the colour of the metal is poor. The rhodium plate gives it a silvery look which is actually misleading because this is quite obviously not the colour of the metal and does wear off, thus, revealing the true colour underneath.

    My advice when purchasing white gold is to ask the staff in the jewellery store whether the ring is rhodium-plated or not. I know from experience that most white gold sold has a rhodium plate on top.

    The white gold we use in our wedding bands, engagement rings and all other designs is of the highest quality and contains a high percentage palladium content. The white gold that we use does not require rhodium plating because the colour of the metal is aesthetically more appealing.



    Post Date: Saturday November 7, 2015